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 Services Provided for Community Needs 


Fighting hunger by providing well-balanced meals 7 days a week.

In 2014 The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen, also know as Bonner Hall, served 43,510 balanced meals(not including homeless shelter nighttime meals) to those in need. We anticipate a record year in 2015 as the struggle of our economy increases. Think about how your mind wanders that hour before you go to lunch then try to imagine not knowing where that next meal will come from. Nothing will discourage a person’s heart and mind quicker than the pain of hunger. A education of a child suffers when they are hungry. Our bodies become subject to illness when we are weakened by malnutrition. Our hopes of employment and improvement vanish when our entire goal of our day becomes just finding food. Directly addressing this food insecurity is the first step in human recovery. Our minds begin to think more clearly when not being punished by the pain of hunger. 


Providing gently-used clothing  Monday-Thursday.  

 The Missions clothing bank provides new and used clothing, shoes, books, toys, household items and small kitchen appliances to those that cannot otherwise afford those items. Warm clothing is essential to our well-being. Presentable clothing can make the difference in that 'first impression' at a job interview or whether a child is accepted or ridiculed by their peers at school. Irrespective of being right or wrong this is a reality. Providing a family with decent clothing and shoes can boost opportunities in both employment and education and provide a path to rebuild their lives to become self-sufficient. Providing suitable toys and books for children can also lead to a more normalized life style. Volunteers sort through and categorize and organize these items for local assistance however many items are sent to impoverished countries as well. 


Emergency shelter for men, women, and children 365 days a year.

No one plans to be homeless. It can happen literally overnight. In hard economic times the homeless rate increases sharply and there is no doubt that a record number of people will find themselves homeless in 2015. Even some people that do work just can't make ends meet and pay the rent. The Lighthouse provides shelter on a transitional or emergency basis making sure people aren't exposed to the weather or living out of a car. 


6 month residential drug and alcohol recovery program.

The Lighthouse Mission Discipleship Program is a 6 month residential recovery program. It is designed to help disadvantaged individuals who are battling life threatening addictions. A clean and sober environment is needed to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each person enrolled will be given the 'tools of life' skills that will enable them to once again be productive members of society. 

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